Bentley Heath Cricket Club News story

Scorebox Update

08 Oct 2016

Hi All

We have recently been in discussion with Preston CC regarding the purchase of their old scorebox which they are replacing with a new one for next season- picture attached 

Rufus and myself went over yesterday to meet with their chairman and groundsman and we agreed the price ( a very good one for us !  ) and the timescale for taking the box down and transferring to our ground

Some of the wooden sections of the box may need replacing but the structure overall is pretty solid and the electrics for the scoreboard itself,  although a little dated,  are all in good order and working well

When it comes to the physical movement of the box we may call on some members to assist as there is a fair amount of weight in the structure - particularly the metal security shutter which is pretty cumbersome - and it may need a few of us to manoeuvre it onto whatever transport we hire and then to offload at the club  

We will keep you updated on how we are progressing